There is a scrumptious spread on the table!

Pancakes, cereal, bagels and cups of coffee. Start collecting what you would like for your breakfast. But be careful… Some foods are worth more points than others.

Reveal hidden items, get bonus points for special combinations and don’t let others collect the items you want!

How to play

What's in the box

32 Hand Cards

50 Playing Cards







It's a great family game. You won't mind if the kids keep picking this one for game night.
Mike Wilczek
It's a quick game, super easy to learn! This could potentially teach little kids some starting mechanics of other games.
This is a perfect kind of set collection game to start out with casuals and non-gamers. Even your kids! We played it with a 4 year old and a 7 year old! It's a fantastic family game. We are getting ready to travel quite a bit this summer. And i think this is perfect. It's quick and small!
Love 2 Hate
The kids enjoyed keeping opponents at bay by selecting the right cards to block other players as well as the puzzle-y nature of maximizing thier sets with bonus cards.
meeple mountain

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