owl cafe

Brighten up your day by spending time with adorable owls in your Cafe!

A cute game inspired by Neko Atsume and by the growing popularity of owl cafes in Japan where you discover new and unique owls in your very own Owl Cafe! Watch as cute owls patronise your cafe and customise your cafe with various unique decorations to fit your own style!

Check out our game features

Attract and Collect

Attract and collect a variety of owls ranging from real life species to unique area specific species by serving their favourite food in the Cafe! Collect and learn all about the owls who have visited!

Easy and simple gameplay

Simple mechanics, just enjoy your time with the owls!

Unlock new food recipes

Grow and catch your own ingredients to unlock new food recipes in your very own backyard to attract new owls!

Cafe Simulation

It’s your Cafe! Decide how you want your Cafe to look by customising with a wide selection of furniture and decorations!

Business Expansion

Open up new special themed branches, expand your business and unlock new owls!

Idle Element

Your Cafe doesn’t stop operating! Earn gold and continue to attract more owls even when you are offline!

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